I try to create artwork which is primarily felt viscerally, in much the same way music is experienced. I seek to reach across a broad generational expanse, by making work which is engaging to children, speaks to the “inner children” of adults, and has a healthy dose of unpretentious complexity which might appeal to anyone seeking more than just eye candy. I see art as a way of thinking and acting in the world rather than merely a stylistic or material practice. I live a life which gives priority to following my creative muse while contributing positively to the evolution of the collective. I am concerned with how people relate to the self, to each other, and to our environment. I am saddened by cruelty, xenophobia, and greed and aim to give artistic presence to my humanity and concern.

Collaboration is an extremely important element of my art practice. The challenge of finding balance and cohesion between different artist's ideas and methods of working, is analogous to the act of figuring out the problems which arise when combining different materials in my solitary art making process. I see the harmonious composition of disparate media as a metaphor for the harmony which is possible between humans when difference is celebrated and mutually beneficial relationships are worked for. My practice of collaborative art seeks to lift that idea from metaphor, and pursue a less self-centric approach to art making – one which embraces the challenge of sacrificing individual control, or credit, for the greater good of the projects, as well as for the building and fortifying of community. I believe that collective consciousness is infinitely more important than individual ego. My priority as an artist is not to receive accolades and praise for my talents, but rather to inspire others to help to create and nurture a healthier manner of coexistence. I am more interested in seeing what “we” can do than showing what “I” can do.