• Three Hearts Club

  • Trying hard not to make it so obvious how badly I want her to fall in love with skateboarding.

  • Just gave 24 grammar school kids a bunch of spray paint to play with. Everything turned out fine and none of them have joined gangs yet as far as I know.

  • Hustling to get this mural commission done before the new baby shows up.

  • While waiting for mom to come out Loey and I are talking about this nice mural by @jamesjankowiak.

  • Gettin’ down in our kind of town. (at 15th & West Gallery)

  • “Sacrifice Of Putt-Putt”
    JooYoung Choi
    #TheHouseOnMangoStreet (at National Museum of Mexican Art)

  • at National Museum of Mexican Art

  • Twister. (at Kishauwau Country Cabins)

  • “63rd Street Magic”
    2011 collaboration with the quiet storm, Ruben Aguirre.
    #mural #streetart #abstract

  • Every time I see those “I’m with Rahm” posters this is what I imagine, so I went ahead and made my dream come true. #DumpRahm #Chuy2015

  • 43 years on earth and hopefully many more. Spring equinox, new moon, lunar eclipse, intense chiropractic treatment, good times with my loves, reconnecting with old friends…it felt like a powerful one! I’m feeling grateful!

  • “You & I Have Work To Do” (detail)
    Mixed media installation
    2015 (at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery)

  • I had the pleasure of showing with @skill_one, an LA graffiti legend who I’ve been a fan of since discovering his work in the early 90s. (at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery)

  • “You & I Have Work To Do”
    Mixed media installation at Oakland Terminal
    2015 (at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery)

  • Meagan Spendlove making waves. (at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery)

  • Lavie Raven used to diss my tags on the school desks at Kenwood Academy before we were in UNION (our first graffiti crew), and he just happens to be here painting a wall 4 blocks down the street from Oakland Terminal which is of course on Union Street.

  • FEARO 163 and SKIL making things happen. #SupernaturalOT (at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery)

  • Sarah C. Rutherford thinks she’s fresh. #SupernaturalOT (at Oakland Terminal Art Gallery)