• Adding a little extra spice to the mural our team did a couple years ago. (at Yollocalli Arts Reach)

  • Our SAIC students made the city a little weirder today. (at Millennium Park)

  • Cosmic Plurality
    by R. Buckminster Fuller

    Environment to each must be
    All there is, that isn’t me.
    Universe in turn must be
    All that isn’t me AND ME.
    Since I only see inside of me
    What brain imagines outside me,
    It seems to be you may be me.
    If that is so, there’s only we.
    Me and we, too
    Which love makes three,

    Happy 120th Birthday to the great Buckminster Fuller.
    Read more about his legacy here: http://bfi.org/about-fuller/biography/fullers-influence

  • It just occurred to me on my bike ride back from getting this new SAIC ID, that I’m a high school/art school drop out and am faculty at one of the world’s top ranked art schools. Can I get an honorary degree or something?

    #DoctorateInRockinShit? #MasterOfDelinquentArts?

  • Here’s the mural I did in collaboration with Katelynn McAllister and her 4th & 5th Grade Mural Club at Tioga Elementary School. Many of my projects have some element of improvisation, but due to all the added concern around the birth of the new baby, this one was almost completely pulled out of thin air.

  • Unexpected pit stop on my way to work this morning. (at Soto Tire Shop)

  • Here’s the mural I did for @ofsbrands latest showroom in Merchandise Mart. This piece is made entirely of materials from their previous season’s displays. Anthony Lewellen did some motion graphics which are also featured there and I composed this design using some of the same shapes from his graphics.

    #ChrisSilvaArt #AnthonyLewellen #Neo15 #ofsbrands #ThreeHeartsClub #TheareGroup

  • Front yard wildlife. (at Believe Inn)

  • R.I.P. Chungi Silva. I took this picture of him yesterday having no idea it would be the last. We found his lifeless body curled up underneath the patio chair and now he is buried in the yard underneath our bird bath. I’m happy that he got to enjoy some spring weather before passing away. I’d say he had a pretty top-notch life as far as cats go - Chicago to the hills of Puerto Rico and back. He would have been 15 years old this fall. He was a good dude and we will miss him.

  • It’s my lady’s birthday so I took her to Target and let her pick out a couple clearance items. #powercouple

  • Beautiful work being done by RK Crew along the Bloomingdale Trail.

  • Visiting with Thunder Circus before my meeting.

  • Halfway finished with this fun collaboration with Katelynn McAllister’s 4th & 5th grade art classes at Tioga Elementary School in Bensenville, IL. Going back next week to try and finish it up.

  • #TBT 2001 12" vinyl artwork for Sonic Sum’s “Rocket” single.

    #Repost @ko_suke26 with @repostapp.
    #sonicsum #erikmo #fredones #robsmith #preservation #ozonemusic #skypimpsmusic #chrissilvaart

  • Three Hearts Club

  • Trying hard not to make it so obvious how badly I want her to fall in love with skateboarding.

  • Just gave 24 grammar school kids a bunch of spray paint to play with. Everything turned out fine and none of them have joined gangs yet as far as I know.

  • Hustling to get this mural commission done before the new baby shows up.

  • While waiting for mom to come out Loey and I are talking about this nice mural by @jamesjankowiak.