This was an Early College Program at the School Of The Art Institute at Chicago in 2014. The class was called "Art & Street Culture" and was co-taught by myself and Edra Soto along with the help of our T.A., Pat Reynolds. After a few days of collaborative exercises we brought the students to this wall and supplied them with spray paint and painters tape. I selected the palette, told them to generally limit the shapes to triangles, and drew the intial chalk lines delineating the parts of the wall which would be painted - but after that the students were given freedom to make their own decisions and sort things out as the wall progressed. We were consulted here and there for advice and technical demonstrations, but there were also times where our input was rejected entirely. It was an exciting and worthwhile adventure. Our fantastic and talented student collaborators on this wall were, Sara Dezara, Jeff Park, Margot Rousset, Julia Scheinman, and Sienna Williams.

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