I see art as a way of thinking and acting in the world rather than merely a stylistic or material practice. I am concerned with how people relate to the self, to each other and to their environment. I am saddened by cruelty, xenophobia and greed, and aim to give artistic presence to my humanity and concern, or simply to present a joyous and generous alternative. I believe audio/visual beauty sets a tone which helps to facilitate more harmonious social interactions in it's presence. I seek to make work which is engaging to children, speaks to the “inner children” of adults, and has a healthy dose of unpretentious complexity. I appreciate eye candy, but work to include a serving of “soul food” in my offerings. I’m interested in visual work which is felt intuitively, in much the same way music is experienced. I seek beauty, resonance, and harmony through interesting combinations of, color, texture, lighting, and partnership with collaborators. My frequent practice of collaboration seeks to pursue a less self-centric approach to art making – one which embraces the challenge of sacrificing individual control, or credit, for the greater good of the projects, and in the service of a larger community. I am more interested in seeing what “we” can do than showing what “I” can do.

While philosophically framed by these intentions, I encourage my work to reveal its own logic and speak its own language since that is where I find the most resonant beauty and poetry emerges.

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