Cultivating Positive Change In Milwaukee, WI.
Co-produced by Chris Silva & Lauren Feece for In:Site's Art On & Off Capital project in Milwaukee, WI. Thanks to Thor Goodlife for use of his “Baby Boy” font. Many thanks to Anton Morokov, Alex Bradley Cohen, Erik Harris, Colin Matthes, Makeal Flammini & Jon Reiter for lending hands at various points along the way to make it all happen. And thanks to old friend David Moutoussamy, a member of my first graffiti crew, for making us feel a more personal connection to his uncle, the man behind this wise quote himself, Arthur Ashe.
From Third Coast Digest's write up about the projects:

"The spirit of this year’s project is celebrated in a collaborative mural placed at 34th and Capitol. It applies well-known tennis champion-turned-philanthropist Arthur Ashe’s words: “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”For their Plant Seeds mural, Chris Silva and Lauren Feece drew on Ashe’s words as a cornerstone for the expression of their belief that positive change can grow through the collaboration of  individual efforts. Through bright colors and bold text, their piece proclaims the environmental direction of this project to passersby, whether they are walking, biking, or burning oil down Capitol. It is an uplifting alternative to the typical billboards that accost our senses."
Having good buddy, Thor Goodlife's "Baby Boy" font available for use was excellent.
Colin Matthes & Makeal Flammini helped the simultaneous de-installation/installati

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